“we must first learn the discipline
which teaches us the true relationship
between ourselves
and our surroundings.”
                                     - Christopher Alexander





Final Thesis Presentation: 



Mylar Layered Rendering:

This drawing had been the primary medium for site analysis and layout. Drawing was continuously developed over the 6 months of project development. Drawing approx. 3'x3' and consists of 4 layered renderings stacked up.




Initial Capstone Project Proposal:

In 2004, I spent the summer on site doing research and documentation of the landscape and precedent studies within the region to support the concept of completely site specific design. This booklet is the proposal issued for approval prior to beginning my thesis.





Interim Capstone Project Report:

Documenting ideas, theories and project process at the mid-way point of thesis work.





Additional Montage Studies:




Rendered Model Exploration:




Site Models:

A variety of Modeling techniques were used to explore ideas and understand design concepts within the site.



Study Models of Site Cast Concrete Blocks:




Final Model: