When using steel materials in the desert south west, the steel will always rust and bleed onto the surrounding materials unless sealed properly. This natural process is often ignored in design causing either a beautiful staining accident or a maintenance nightmare - depending on the frame of mind of the user. Personally, I believe this natural process should be acknowledged and mindfully incorporated into design.



This work was my attempt to let this natural process occur on canvas, representing the beauty and attitude of viewing it as something artistic. The perforated steel has been stitched onto canvas. The canvas was hung outside in the elements, with the edges protected, and was allowed to receive any rain the desert received over a 4 month period. During this time, the tree adjacent to the piece cast shadows over it. The shadows became part of the work after viewing it for 4 months and I felt they needed to painted on loosely.



Additional Information:
Part of the "Reclaimed" Series, 2012-Current.
Dimensions:  Overall height: 44", Overall Width: 62"